Game Development with Unity

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  • This course offers an intuitive and innovative approach for learning programming and game development using Unity, the most widely used game creation platform in the world.
  • Students will learn how to write simple C# scripts to create gameplay, mechanics, visual effects, AI systems, and more.
  • Students will make use of game objects and models to create captivating game environments.
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What is C#?

C# is a beginner-friendly programming language that shares many similarities with other popular languages such as C and Java. It is used to develop web, desktop and mobile applications, games and much more.

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Suitable For Young Engineers Who Are:

  • Ages 13 – 19
  • Complete Beginners In Programming
  • “Gamers” And “Hackers” 
  • Analytical And Design-Oriented


By the end of this course, students will learn: 

  • Program interactions with C#
  • Basic programming syntax
  • Code organization and reuse
  • Develop design and coding skills
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