Game Development with Unity

Massively multiplayer environment

This course offers an intuitive and innovative approach for learning programming and game development using Unity, the most widely used game creation platform in the world. Students will learn how to write simple C# scripts to create gameplay, mechanics, visual effects, AI systems, and more. Students will make use of game objects and models to […]

Game Development Foundations With Roblox

make a roblox wallpaper for full hd

This course offers a kid-friendly, intuitive, innovative approach for learning  programming and game development using , Roblox, one of the fastest-growing game creation platforms currently. Students will use Roblox’s built-in editor and Lua code to create 3D worlds. Students will also study what makes a Roblox game a runaway hit and learn to create scripts […]

Game Development With Python

AI programming

This course teaches students how to make graphical computer games in the Python programming language using the Pygame library. Students learn and strengthen STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) skills through game development. Through experimentation with code, Students can understand simple methods and tools to create their ideas in today’s world. What is Python?Python is […]