This course serves as an introduction to podcasting and broadcasting Students will learn how to record, edit and upload their voices for podcasts, broadcasting or voice overs. Great for students who want to create a podcast or commentate, learn skills to become a better speaker and elevate your audio content What is Adobe Audition?   […]

Digital Illustration


Beginner students will learn the basics of drawing, and more advanced students learn to refine their artistic ability. Learn skills that translate to all creative fields from traditional 2D drawing to video editing, graphic design and more. Study many different types of art and how to replicate different styles, anywhere from traditional paintings to comic […]

Video Editing for YouTube

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This course is an introduction to video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and OBS. Students will use industry-level software to create and edit videos ready for sharing across media sites like YouTube. Students will use a mixture of screen recording and camera technology (webcam or DSLR) in order to simultaneously capture gameplay and commentator shots […]

2D Animation

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This course serves as an introduction to animation and can teach students who are beginners or advanced students who want to improve their skillsPerfect for students who enjoy drawing and creating their own characters Students will learn how to create characters and animations using fundamental drawing skills Great for students who want to become content […]