University Assignment Help and Guidance

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Need some help with your university assignments, projects, and classes? Get personalized help here at China Coding Club. Our tutors are all from Computer Science, Math, and Engineering backgrounds. With their expertise in the field, you’ll be able to solve the toughest questions thrown at you. Check out how you can receive the help that […]

Programming with PHP

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While HTML enables one to develop websites, using PHP will enable you to create dynamic pages.  In this course, learn to embed PHP code into a HTML page. It is estimated that 80% of all websites with a recognized server-side programming language use PHP.  PHP can be easier to learn than other programming languages, thanks […]



This course serves as an introduction to podcasting and broadcasting Students will learn how to record, edit and upload their voices for podcasts, broadcasting or voice overs. Great for students who want to create a podcast or commentate, learn skills to become a better speaker and elevate your audio content What is Adobe Audition?   […]

Digital Illustration


Beginner students will learn the basics of drawing, and more advanced students learn to refine their artistic ability. Learn skills that translate to all creative fields from traditional 2D drawing to video editing, graphic design and more. Study many different types of art and how to replicate different styles, anywhere from traditional paintings to comic […]

Block Coding with Scratch

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Our Scratch coding course provides an early foundation for younger learners who are new to coding  Create exciting games, stories, and animations using block coding language Improve logical skills before making the jump to text-based coding What is Scratch?Scratch is an educational block-based programming language that was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) […]

Game Development with Unity

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This course offers an intuitive and innovative approach for learning programming and game development using Unity, the most widely used game creation platform in the world. Students will learn how to write simple C# scripts to create gameplay, mechanics, visual effects, AI systems, and more. Students will make use of game objects and models to […]

AP Computer Science Tutoring

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Students that pass the AP exam are frequently recognized by colleges for their achievements. The AP exam is a terrific way for students to obtain college credit while still in high school, despite its difficulty. AP Computer Science is an advanced placement course in computer science. Students learn a subset of the Java programming language […]

Video Editing for YouTube

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This course is an introduction to video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro and OBS. Students will use industry-level software to create and edit videos ready for sharing across media sites like YouTube. Students will use a mixture of screen recording and camera technology (webcam or DSLR) in order to simultaneously capture gameplay and commentator shots […]

High School STEM Research Programs

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College admissions officers acknowledge the importance of high school research. They perceive that the very act of building such extensive projects speaks to a student’s passion, perseverance, intellectual capacities, and the ability to handle challenges. For the most selective colleges in the US (such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford), achieving national-level honors and awards in […]

Fun With Front-End Web Development

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This course teaches students HTML5, CSS3, and the basics of Javascript (ES6).  Build your own responsive and interesting websites for both web and mobile.  Learn application programming interfaces (APIs) and version control. Get A Free Trial We use Zoom for the best video-conferencing quality and highest lesson productivity for our students. Suitable For Young Engineers […]